Leica iCG70T/7″ CC80 Rover (4 constellation)

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Leica iCG70(T) Brochure

Leica iCon CC80 Brochure


Leica’s iCon software is one of the most robust and feature-laden in the construction industry.
Pros: Uses many standard file types. Easier to use than many others with advanced user features (applicable to small percentage of users).
Cons: Includes many features that average users don’t require that make it much harder to navigate. Very limited file type compatibility with other brands.  


The Panasonic Toughpad may be the most popular in the industry due to its rugged specs and the popularity of Windows.
Pros: If you demand Windows it’s debatably the industry leader.
Cons: Expensive. Long wait times for service (in most cases needs to be sent back from distributor to GPS manufacturer then to Panasonic) and subject to standard Windows issues. Batteries & Chargers are expensive.


One of the better tilt compensators on the market. Leica’s lighter weight & size antenna (compare to iCG60).
Pros: Additional constellations can be added. Strong tilt performance.
Cons: Radio can’t be added later (not modular). No onboard interface. Batteries & Chargers are expensive.



New: 1 Year
Used: 60 Days

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