NextDayGPS Technical Support Policy

NextDayGPS Technical Support strives to provide the best technical support in the industry on all products we carry.  We strive to achieve 15 minute or less support call backs M-F from 7AM-4PM EST.  We ask that you pre-schedule any technical support needed outside our normal business hours.  We handle technical support in two primary ways depending on the product you choose.

  1. SiteBoss GPS – With the purchase of SiteBoss GPS, we recommend adding a Real Time Support Agreement (RTSA).
  1. An RTSA can be purchased for $800/year and includes unlimited support via phone and remote screen viewing interface for one year.
  1. An RTSA is purchased per person, not per rover.
  2. An RTSA requires that the end user utilize the on-board support interface to request and receive technical support.
  3. Per minute support available for SiteBoss base stations only at $2.00/minute. RTSA required for support of SiteBoss rovers.
  4. An RTSA requires that the tablet be connected to the internet. RTSA does not include internet connection. We offer cellular (internet) plans for $500/yr.
  5. An RTSA is included with any SiteBoss rental.
  1. All Other Products Purchased Through NextDayGPS – NextDayGPS offers phone support for all products and remote screen viewing interface if supported by the device. Technical support for all products other than SiteBoss GPS is handled on per minute basis. Technical support should be requested via a phone call to our tech support line or email.
  1. By the minute support available at $2.50/minute.
  2. Under 5 minute call free, limited to one call per week.
  3. Remote screen view/file transfer $300/year per device.
  1. Internet connection is required for remote screen view/file transfer. We offer cellular (internet) plans for $500/yr.